Inspired by nature, life events, and particularly people, James Marlin captivates his listeners and invites them to take a break from their hurried lifestyle to enjoy a moment. It is truly a time to listen….to appreciate life and immerse oneself in the vision of his music.

Away from the stresses of life and its daily routine, James Marlin devotes time to listen to his own heart and find solace in music. His love affair with the piano began at the age of 5. By 7, he had created his first composition and knew then of what was to come of his love with the piano and arranging music. His taste of music theory was inspired by an early teacher, Leonard, who encouraged Marlin to truly express his God-given talent. He persuaded Marlin to play from his heart, with feeling. To gain a greater appreciation of music, James Marlin immersed himself in the joys of learning other instruments, including the guitar and percussions. Through his experiences [as a youth] with the Mid-American Music Association, Marlin also learned the intricacies of how instruments blended to create orchestral magic. But Marlin admits that undoubtedly, the piano is his passion.

This passion for music is also indicative of his appreciation for the sounds and talents of others artists. Throughout the years, Marlin has collaborated with various musicians who have both influenced and inspired his work. It is his current collaboration with artist and long-time friend, Dan Kane, that Marlin is most proud.

Also close to his heart is family, particularly his children and wife. His devotion of music stems from the commitment and love of his family. Borne from a desire to leave his children a legacy, James Marlin began recording.

Music is truly one of the driving forces in James Marlin's life. It feeds his heart and soul. A sense of elation overwhelms Marlin when he performs and it is this very feeling he wants to express to his audience. If people can only feel a part of the enormous elation he senses when creating and performing, it would be enough to encourage him to continue his work endlessly. This love of music drives him to give back to people.

Moved by the people, places, and events he's come to know throughout the years, James Marlin continues to create music to soothe and energize the soul.