"I am one who probably spends more time listening to instrumental music than anything and I like it to create an atmosphere that is mellow, reflective and peaceful. Many of your numbers do that for me. I'm glad you have taken the time to do some recording. Others need to know about your gift"
>> Peter G

"To plan, to dream, to accomplish...I have sat here for days listening to your music, not just any music, your music. You have touched me, my friend, with your dream, and you will touch so many others. If I had a favorite piece, it probably would be "DREAMS". I envision clouds and the rising sun and water and being surrounded by love. I see an inner peace when I listen to your music. It is a tribute to you, James, that this music can reach out and make a "stranger" feel something. It is a tribute to you, James, that God has chosen you to make this beautiful music, to give you this special talent. Thank you for sharing.
>> Nora

"James Marlins talent of composing and arranging as well as playing his beautiful music has given us the gift of pleasure, peace and tranquility."
>> Anonymous

"James Marlin, I hope to see you continue to share your music and hope that one day it will bring you much success. You are so lucky to be blessed with the abilities to have the "talent" to create something so inspiring and uplifting."
>> Sandy & Family

"The music is beautiful and heaven sent."
>> Dr. Mark

"Congratulations on your second CD, Mary Three. It's wonderful. I'm enjoying it, such easy and enhancing music. The art work is superb too. With all best wishes to you."
>> Midge

"James your music is truly beautiful! We listened to "Mary Three" on the way home. We were in awe!"
>> Anonymous

"I was just listening to James Marlin's newest CD "Mary Three" and there is nothing to say but "WOW!" James, you have been blessed with a beautiful music talent and we 'Thank You' for sharing that blessing with us!! We will enjoy listening to your music for years to come!"
>> Mark, Debi
if you have any comments about the music of James Marlin or just want to say hello... please contact James at info@jamesmarlin.com